"Return, we beseech thee, O God of Hosts: look down from heaven, and behold, and visit this vine;" Psalm 80:14



(NOTE: The Website Master (Joan) thought these recent email exchanges amongst the family and some friends were very insightful so asked to include them on this page):


These two sentences are written under a bridge here by a homeless person.  They say a lot in a poetic way. 

“We sometimes scream as soft as we can (do not wake the neighbors) i will love you if you will listen.”


Here's my take on it.  For what it's worth.
Think of life as a carousel for a minute.  Now see it going just a little bit faster all the time.  Now the world around you starts turning to a blur and you just can't make sense of it.  So, you step off, just long enough to clear your head and get your bearings.  But, now you are all alone, except for the few other people who have stepped off too.  But, none of them seem to know or care that you are there too, they are focused on watching the carousel go around and around, and now from this vantage point, the carousel is the blur.  You are now alone in a crowd.  Why can you not make eye contact with those on the carousel anymore.  They don't even see you anymore.  They stayed on board.  They're in the mainstream.  You (and your fellow castaways, are outside in the blur.  It isn't the fault of the mainstreamers that you're on the outside looking in, and they really can't even see you anymore, you're just part of the blur.  You and the others scream to them to help you back on board, but all they perceive is the noise, and it's quite disturbing to the carouselers because they can't tell where it's coming from.  They start to lose their balance, but get a hold of something just in time, deciding instead to ignore the noise.  So you start to scream softly so as to not shake them loose.  But, you would just love them if they would notice that you were gone, and acknowledge that the carousel is the worse for it.


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