"Return, we beseech thee, O God of Hosts: look down from heaven, and behold, and visit this vine;" Psalm 80:14

Silhouette On Rigsby Road


They lit the lamps And stoked the stove And fixed a bite to eat.

We toured the land And walked the fence Where corral and trail would meet

Near Jeff’s firepit And camping site… A story it’s own to tell;

And Lisa sweet With light at feet Talked as we walked the dell

Of family, friends, weddings and babies due, politics, wars and fears Until we reached the stone fence by the rail.

Much to wonder as Steve and I wandered over the contents of the barn

The doubletrees, the pony carts…Each brings to mind a yarn;

The old vice grips, The old plow shares, The still, the axe, the grind.

The sawblades and bridles, tractors, rakes and saddles …So much history there to find.

We heard from Graham As he came through town And he brought us his smile and wit.

Steve, Mona and Nan, Jeff, Jerry and Graham

then us with their stories renowned

As the candles glowed, dimmed and relit.

Looking out the glass Ramona saw snow, no, wait just a glow, Oh, looks very like snow…

In any event a picture so lovely to behold.

Then Ramona and Jeff Said it was time that they left

So we all headed out to the road.

As they dampened the stove it was getting late And all were stifling a yawn.

But as headlights burned we looked back on the lawn

And then as we put our cars into gear we waved

To Brother Steve and Nancy Dear on the stoop of their abode

A snapshot in time, a resplendent pair in moonlight bathed

A charming silhouette on Rigsby Road.


----Joan Lee Binkley (12/2/06)

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