"Return, we beseech thee, O God of Hosts: look down from heaven, and behold, and visit this vine;" Psalm 80:14


Once upon a time a calmly-disposed driver was enticed by a Sudden Idea To See
What it would be like to rant and rave and become Road Rage behind Car and Key
So Ms. Road Rage determined within herself that until she reached her destination
That she would let her emotions hold total sway and she would vent without hesitation


No sooner had she given herself this permission, than all drivers became absolute dolts

And Drivers started behaving very badly—She named them idiots and turkeys and goats.

Drivers who cut her off short caused her to scream you blockheads don’t own the road,

A dullard stopped too quickly and made her slam brakes and then yell at the slimey toad.


A driver’s attention diverted from the traffic light made her blast a reprimand on the horn

As arrogant pedestrian attitudes made her shower glances filled with scathing scalding scorn.

Drivers became mere hindrances begging for her corrections through rhetorical device

Her increasing faux intelligence and superiority and anger called virtue what was actually vice


Upon reaching her destination she observed how each mad had compounded into rage

And how a spirit of hostility had been channeled in with ramifications she had not gauged

Of dually detesting and yet enjoying this feeling of fellow humans absorbing her wrath

She was tempted to give this spirit of hostility a home and continue down that Road Rage Path.   


As the case is with vices, Thoughts had channeled hostility spirits into living breathing form

Spirits boldly encouraged and empowered and given expression on that tranquil Saturday morn

But fortunately what was meant for her bad, was changed into good because she was aware and open to lesson

To take control back from that spirit of hostility-- and this lesson is why she is confessing.

Joan Binkley


Copyright 2007 by Joan Binkley

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